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Spring is Here

The Timbers are Back

Oh, and my first solo book launch is happening!

As Excited As Benigni Getting an Oscar


I didn’t get the chance to really celebrate when Memory’s Hostage came out. It was more of a case of “What Next?” while I fumbled through everything for the first time. So it is all the more exciting that I made time to actually celebrate the accomplishment this time. Heck, Dulci’s Legacy could be on a truck to you in no time…


If you’re in Portland, you could come on down to Another Read Through, an indie bookstore on N. Mississippi Ave, on Thursday, March 5th, at 7:00 PM, to buy a physical copy from a local bookseller with a heart of gold! To recap:

  • When: Thurs, March 5, 7-8 PM
  • Where: 3932 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland, OR
  • What: Food, fun, frivolity, and BOOKS!
  • Who: Hosted by Elisa Saphier, Bookseller, and Margaret Pinard, Author
  • Why: because the world needs people who’ve come alive

See you there!


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Even Graham Greene

Did you know?

hamlet outside skull

I found this tit-bit nestled in some crook of the internet as I was hunting for likely titles for my next book. From the Wikipedia entry on The Name of Action, by Graham Greene:

“The book was badly received by critics and suffered poor sales. Greene later repudiated the book.”

Ouch! But also oof! Let that be a lesson to all the writers out there: even Graham Greene wrote stuff that he didn’t like!

So if you don’t like what you’re writing now, or are sick to death of it, never fear! Just keep writing. It’ll get better!


Image via this CUNY course blog

Moss = Spring?


**Breaking News* Don’t forget if you’re in Portland, my first launch party is this Sun, Feb 15, 2-4 PM at Periscope Books in Forest Grove, OR. I’ll be joined by writers Jenn Crowell, Sue Parman, and Lorri Nandrea. Hope to see you there!

I don’t know about where you are, but Portland is experiencing spring right now. Has been for a week.


Not just the daffodils. Not just the crocuses. The tulips have been reported coming up!



Now I don’t have tulips pushing up, but I have a corner of the world where I observe the moss, and I love its springy green-ness and delicate scale.



You might have heard me wax poetic about moss before, and never fear: you’ll hear me do it again. It’s a staple of the Scottish medical cupboard, and often comes with its friend, heather.


Does this mean we won’t get a snowstorm in Portland this year? Who knows. All I know is that I’m enjoying the springy newness around me on my walks in this green city.


And bonus question: who knows what this interesting red tree is? Very striking at this stage.

More info on the launch in my previous post! There will be treats and readings and Q&A! Why wouldn’t you be there??


All photos property of Margaret Pinard, all right reserved.

Books and Launches

February is an exciting month for me: my first Book Launch season!

launch clouds

Yes, yes, the book was published around Christmas, but now I actually get to celebrate it, with friends and strangers alike, with (tea)cup in one hand, and signing pen in the other!

The first event will be at a bookshop called Periscope Books in Forest Grove, OR:

Sunday, Feb. 15, 2-4 PM

The second event will be at a bookshop called Another Read Through in North Portland, OR:

Thursday, March 5, 7-8 PM

And if you’re lucky and I meet you at one of these and you charm my socks off, I may invite you to a dinner party chez moi to celebrate this new step in marketing and authorship, for Terminalia!

I’d love to see you at either place, but if you don’t live in the area, tell your friends who do! Author readings are a cool way to learn about someone’s writing process, and you’d even find out what ship gave me the idea for the book. So come on down!

And just to entice you a bit more, a bonus Launch Sequence comic, courtesy of XKCD:

xkcd launch sequence important field considerations

Images via Betakit and XKCD