Hey y’all! There has been much work a-brewing here on the blog, it just hasn’t been visible in blog post form, so I’m stopping in to point out where you can find me and my work lately.

Mini Miams chopping a peanut

First: I’ve started vlogging!

Not really, but I have secured the help of a fellow creative pioneer to stitch together two fun videos for you. The first one is a welcome to the site and orientation; the second one is a current events update (kinda like this post, but in living color!).

I plan to update the current events one seasonally, as a resounding echo of Taste Life Twice’s seasonal-sustainable theme. 🙂

Next: Saturday, July 26th, 11-5, I will be in Pioneer Square, either sweating it out in the heat or taking cover from the showers, all for my readers! (past, present, and prospective). I’ll be part of the Northwest Book Festival, in its sixth year here in Portland, OR. If you love books, come on by!

Next: Saturday, August 2nd, all day, I’ll be attending the Willamette Writers Conference across the river at the Doubletree Hotel at Lloyd Center, Portland, OR. This will be my first “Serious Writers Conference,” and I’m looking forward to meeting many new people and listening to some interesting talks on writing and publishing.

Last: A final way to support your local authors! If you are lucky enough to be a denizen of the Pacific Northwest, go to your local independent bookstore and check to see if they’re carrying my novel, Memory’s Hostage. So far, the list includes Daedalus Books (NW Portland); Cloud & Leaf Bookstore (Manzanita); and Beach Books (Seaside). Wouldn’t it be marvelous for an independent bookseller to meet a customer who said, “Hey, I’m looking for Margaret Pinard’s book” or “Margaret Pinard said we could find some great books here.”

*wink wink nudge nudge*

That’s all for the next couple of months, but stay tuned for more news and events, as well as additional forays into pseudo-vlogging! (Did that sound technical enough?)


Image via Familius.com