Sorry, Rest of the World. Today’s post is for Portland, OR.

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I’ve been upping my game in the literary scene, folks, and found some great events to attend. If you’re looking for your tribe in the writing world, these would be a good place to start.

Writer’s Night

Hosted by neon-haired author Kate Ristau, this is a casual network of lots of interesting writers in all sorts of genres and all sorts of stages in their careers. We meet down in Tigard, bringing snacks and sweets, and Kate ensures we’re all OK with our introvert awkwardness, which has the effect of unleashing our inner connector. It’s glorious.

The Other Side Reading Salon

This new series is organized by Nancy Slavin, a down-to-earth poet and author, at Happyrock Coffee Roasting Co. in Gladstone, which is the key to the title. For those who don’t live close in, Gladstone is a hop-skip south, and on ‘the other side,’ that being the east side of the Willamette. She’s got fabulous prose writers, poets, and playwrights on the docket, all for free! Once a month into the fall, in Happyrock’s delightful back patio (it has misters!).

Another Read Through Bookstore

Every week, Elisa is shufflin’. She’s got two book clubs meeting at the store monthly, poetry on last Thursdays, launches every which way, panels, and literary workshops that are off the hook! If you like reading, not only is this A BOOKSTORE, but there is every type of group congregating here. Almost all events are free, and there’s something happening every week, right on N. Mississippi Ave.

And finally, an experiment I’m starting:

Connecting through Goodreads

I just recently plugged into the Lists and Groups features on, and man, the possibilities! I noticed there are even people using Goodreads as a way to meet for their local, in -person book club. So, I thought I’d start one. Check it out, and start one in your area, if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for…

Journey On! And I hope you find some great literary events, wherever you may be...


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