Jessica Yu, Academy Award Winner and Director of “Last Call at the Oasis,” Opening Night, Envision 2012

We’re in the third week, chickadees, and if you are participating in NaNoWriMo along with me, you may be tearing your hair out in desperation, or calmly sipping tea at 43,000 words. Tell us on the community page!

I know there are a million and one excuses to give up, but give yourself a moment to imagine not giving up.

You rearrange commitments in this last week in order to squeak out twice your daily quota.

You ask for help from friends who want you to succeed.

You don’t care anymore about making the words perfect.

You just want to see the end of the story: your story.

And then imagine the result: you’ve got a frickin’ novel in your hands!

You can edit it, crow about it, put it in a drawer, let it stew in the back of your mind until you’re ready to tackle it–but it’s corporeal! You’re on your way!


Image via EnvisionFilm