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She knew high school would be difficult, but not like this…

Dulci Oyselle is a 13-year-old girl living on Cape Breton Island, excited about the new experiences that await her in high school. Starting a Celtic music club and being asked out by the cute new junior should mean that things are off to a good start, but then the bizarre events begin to unfold.

She sees a man wailing in the snow, another dodging a knife swipe, and the body of a Mi’kmaq Indian girl–all in places where they shouldn’t be: a classroom, her bedroom, the high school field. She knows she isn’t dreaming, but what else could it be?

She needs to find out what’s going on, especially when it turns out the visions might point to a threat to her best friend’s family. How can Dulci satisfy the power behind the visions to make them stop, when she can barely believe that they’re real?

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