This post is for the Writers Out There who are Introverts. I feel your pain. Writing is AWESOME, it gives you WINGS, you can’t be defeated–wait, you want me to do what?

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When it comes time to market a book that you’ve written, you must be ready to utilize all available channels to publicize it yourself. The owner of the bookshop where I recently launched used the phrase, ‘Be Relentless.’

But that terrifies us introverts. It can even terrorize extroverts, if they are shaky on self-confidence, since it involves SO MUCH VULNERABILITY.

‘Be Relentless’ in telling all your friends, your relations, your acquaintances, the cousins of those acquaintances, and the pets of those cousins.

“I’m launching a book! It’s great! You need to read it!”

Well, fine. How can the Introvert Writer do this without getting an ulcer or collapsing from nervous exhaustion the day before the event? Here are the tools that I depended on in my recent book launch, and things that I learned from going through it for the first time.

Key Takeaways

The most important task, and probably the hardest, is to tell EVERYONE, and remain bubbly when you do it. Not moaning about the fatigue. Not self-deprecating and dismissive. BUBBLY.

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Make people catch your infectious excitement. Remind them of the DATE, TIME, & LOCATION multiple times. Be not ashamed.

The second most important tool is using a variety of methods to communicate with your would-be awesome. Not just email. Not just posters on telephone poles. Not just 25 Tweets in a day. ALL OF THE ABOVE, people!

It may be driving YOU crazy how much you’re talking about it, but the people Out There are only seeing a slice, and won’t remember the DATE, TIME, & LOCATION unless you repeat it several times! (See what I did there?)

Third, prepare for your worst fears.

Do a couple visualization exercises. First, what would make you feel awesome at the conclusion of the event? Being photographed? Signing books? Making 50 sales? Having 20 people sign up for your mailing list? Awesome.

Now visualize what could go horribly wrong at the event that would make you want to run and hide. Sound system go dead? Trip over a folding chair and flash the audience? Have one person come, only to turn around when she realizes you’re not offering food? I know, sad.

So, make a checklist! (Introverts who are Organizers will LOVE this one!)

  • Make notes for subjects to talk about, and any to avoid (how you got into writing being from hatred of a grade school teacher may not warm the audience’s heart), and important mentions (I have a BLOG/ MAILING LIST/etc.)
  • Plan a Box for the Day Of: materials (clipboard), snacks, outfit (no heels to trip you), a countdown, extra books, extra batteries, whatever will make you comfortable dealing with what you saw in your visualizations.

Other Helpful Hints


For goodness’ sake, thank the audience for coming and the organizer for hosting!

And remember: Be Relentless.

(It’s only temporary)



Images via FocusHR and ClaireMWriter