Sunday is a new Moon, and Wednesday is the the new year for pagans: Samhain, or All Hallows’ Eve. So I’m feeling a new tide running…

It’s inefficient to run two sites when one will do, so I will be taking down taste-life-twice.com. Since this site is paid for under that one, it may take some time to unravel, but I hope to be rid of it by Christmas, so as to avoid the renewal fees.

I’ll be reworking and repurposing some of the articles from there for Medium.com (follow me there for life design content!). Publishing to medium not only frees up domain and hosting cash, but if Medium subscribers read my articles, I actually get paid for my writing. IMAGINE THAT.

Third, it’s time for another working cycle. If you’ve read Margaret Lobenstine’s Renaissance Soul or perused Puttylike.com over the years, you’ll be familiar with this unconventional approach to career design. If not, WOW–what sinecure are you sitting on? 😛

So I am looking for a full-time position, especially one that will help turn the tide in the 2020 election. Seems kind of important, with all the madness going on, y’know? If you hear about companies hiring in Portland that might be a good fit, let me know!

With all that going on, do I have time for writing? YES! In fact, my newest book is coming out Thursday, November 21, 2019, and if you are in Portland, OR I’d love to have you at the kick-off party!

Thurs. 11/21 7-8 PM

Another Read Through

3932 N. Mississippi Ave



This post has been full of updates! What’s new in your life? How are you celebrating 1) the new moon 2) the new year or 3) something new in your life?