I published an article on Taste Life Twice and Medium today. It’s political. If you’d like to read it, click here. Otherwise, read the nice roundup of What I’m Reading below.

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I’m doing NaNo, yes. But I don’t stop reading while I’m writing. Reading can provide the perfect break from creative work because it lets your mind disengage directly from its current problem while keeping the Inner Critic occupied.

So here are my latest reviews! Also, I had the idea of reading a book by every author named Margaret carried in the bookstore. There are a LOT in mystery! Whaddya think? 😉

Malice Domestic, Mollie Hardwick–my review

4 Stars: Elements of witchcraft, cropping up in our sleepy coastal English town?? *clutches pearls* Young Doran decides to investigate the newcomer. Plenty of dry humor, high literary reference, and entertaining mystery.

The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead–my review

4 Stars: A very deft touch on this prose, with a few stark tales sketching the setting ably, and character of a few personnages coming out through their actions. Appreciated.

Froelich’s Ladder, Jamie Duclos-Yourdon–my review

4 Stars: Characters with identifiable foibles and fears, set against a fantastical backdrop, with nonetheless historical shapings. I got sucked in by the ‘1870s Oregon’ tag, then stayed for the funny adventures and strange opinions.

Eclipse, Richard North Patterson–my review

2 Stars: I studied a lot of what is the background for this novel, so I found the explanations–necessarily many-layered–tedious. But the emotion is real, the story ripped from the headlines, and the issues grappled with still current.

Bonus *Margaret* When I was at Wordstock (my full report in next newsletter!), I picked up a beautiful book by Catapult Books:

margaret the first book cover It’s about a Margaret who was the first woman to write for publication in England. Anyone want to borrow it when I’m done??

P.S. Someone had this scathing but funny take on NaNoWriters, which you might get a kick out of.

P.P.S. Writing is going well, see you back here next week for the third week of NaNo! Keep it up!