Along with Girl Scout cookies and Boy Scout popcorn, one of the more recent fundraising gigs that schools have picked up is magazine subscriptions. This year, I bought one for pure fascination: Town & Country. I received the first issue today.

From its website, I knew what to expect. I figured it would give me a new perspective, possibly one I could use in a novel: the sophisticated but utterly directionless young cygnet (that’s baby swan to you) that meets Life for the first time, something like that.

preppy boy diagrammed

The appeal in this magazine for most people, including me, probably comes down to voyeurism. Another’s life, seemingly so different from one’s own, showing luxury after ostentatious luxury, consumption after conspicuous consumption. It can be hard to look away sometimes, like at a traffic accident.

prince charles princess anne queen elizabeth prince philip old color photo

Isn’t the royal family cute at this young age? Love this photo.


Whenever I read about Princess So-and-So or Duke of What’s-It-Called, I head to Wikipedia to look them up, and place them in the larger canopy of royals still living out their days in peace and prosperity (and paparazzi).

The British Royal Family is of course a huge draw for millions of people, and so I include this article link here of Will and Kate in Canada as a peripheral link between the topic (the fascinating 1%) and my new book, now available on Kindle, forthcoming in softcover. (You’ll find that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge engaged in several activities that can be found in Dulci’s Legacy! Bonus points if you can point them out in the comments…)

will and kate prince edward island 2011

On the lighter side, there are the trappings of wealth, the props and labels we carelessly use to refer to these bastions of taste and money. Those can be fun to discover and manipulate in fiction.

I stumbled upon this one a while ago, and have been saving it up. Town & Country’s own list of  “Preppiest Nicknames.” (There’s also a Dulci’s Legacy hat-tip in there!)

What would your prepster nickname be??


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