As you may know, Taste Life Twice is my publishing company. There are a lot of ways I try to keep people apprised of my writing progress and interested in the work to come (more coming soon on that!)

For example, working on the 3rd book, many random historical titbits I find are often released through Twitter.

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I also serve up an entertaining newsletter about upcoming plans and events, which goes out at the end of each month.

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if you don’t have a blog-following tool like feedly, and you’re a facebook user, you could like TLT on FB and get notification of new posts that way too.


For the very bookish, and those who might be wishing for better reading recommendations, try Goodreads, a sort of facebook for readers. It’s invaluable to me in its capacity as a record of books read. I go through them so fast, it’s hard to recall titles or authors sometimes, but this helps me keep it all straight!

And I’m not sure what stats are the most revealing on goodreads, so here’s a snapshot of all of them! 😉

goodreads stats


 What milestones have you hit lately, whether in your business or your personal life?