All you savvy internet readers have no doubt heard of Goodreads, right?

If you have, you can go straight to checking out my review there of Time and Again, a novel by Jack Finney written in 1970. It’s about time travel. And love, science, and moral dilemmas. So good!

You might also want to friend or follow me there, since I’ll be doing a giveaway before Christmas of my forthcoming novel, Dulci’s Legacy.

If you haven’t heard of Goodreads, let me explain.

It’s a social site, kind of like Facebook, but for readers. On this site, I can:

  • keep a record of all the books I’ve read, and want to read
  • show others on the site what I’m currently reading
  • see others’ reviews of books, and write my own reviews

PLUS a lot of authors use the site to interact directly with fans and readers, so it’s easy to learn more about an author, find their latest blog posts about a particular story, and enter to win free books.

That’s right, I just said FREE BOOKS.

I did my homework earlier this year getting ready for this giveaway, so as soon as Dulci’s Legacy is ready for publication, BOOM! I’ve got 5 copies marked for some special guest stars on Goodreads. Will it be you?


Meanwhile, who’s read Time and Again? Whadja think? And there’s another type of time travel entirely in Susanna Kearsley’s books, which I also love. Anyone have thoughts to share on those?