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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love writing and those who love editing. Here is a fairy tale that may encourage some of you writers out there.

tale of two sisters horror movie

There once were two sisters. Johanna and Jamilla. Johanna loved to write. The blank page was her friend. Ideas flew into her head at the slightest provocation. She wrote everyday, but had a hard time refining these ideas into polished prose. Her sister Jamilla, on the other hand, loved to edit. She loved to mark up pages with her red pen. Once she heard a sentence, the ways to improve it immediately suggested themselves. She happily polished her work everyday, but had a hard time moving on to write something new because the blank page terrified her.

One day they talked about what they loved about writing, and editing, respectively:

“You can start anywhere, and end up anywhere!”

“You can try out as many words you like, until it sings!”

“I feel free as a bird, my pen the captain of a ship!”

“I feel like the smartest person in the room, able to bring out the truth beneath the text!”

“Hmm,” said Johanna. “Editing sounds nice.”

“Huh,” said Jamilla. “The way you put it, writing sounds nice, too.”

And from that day forward, they took turns reminding each other the good things about writing, and editing, respectively, whenever one or the other got frustrated.

“Remember, your pen is Admiral Lord Nelson at Trafalgar!”

“And remember, you’re the smartest person in all of Florin and Guilder!”

And the two sisters lived productively, and successfully, ever after.


Image via MikeMcStay