Beltane Fire & Money Session May 6

Another pagan holiday is coming up!

Before I go into Beltane Fire, here is your reminder that I am giving a workshop on Money & Writing, Supporting Your Dream & Making it Pay at Vintage Books in Vancouver, WA on Sunday, May 6, 3-4 PM

Hope to see you there, Portlanders!

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Beltane! May Day! Fertility! Lust!

Lots of things going on at the moment, both in the world and in my life. You, too? Must be the turn of the Wheel… 😉

With the celebration of Beltane, I want to bring up the wild orgies of nature: bees and buds and fawns and ewes. And people.

There is nothing wrong with sex. It is the force of creation! But for a lot of reasons, our culture has been obsessed with making it secret–shameful, even. I’m trying to let go of that part of me.

I am ritualizing this different understanding of healthy living through my pagan celebrations. Beltane is about fertility and new life. And human! Sexuality! Is natural! (Sorry if I seem shouty. I’m countering lots of old Voices.)

I love the way that the pagan Wheel of the Year is rooted in cyclical changes of the earth. There is always something new coming, and something old fading away. There are always opportunities to reflect, and recommit, as my friend Elizabeth from Washington County Writers reminds me.

As a writer, I end up needing a lot of creative Fire. Since Beltane focuses on fire for purification and health, I’ll share a meditation from Green Haven Tradition to invoke the energy of the elements–for whichever type of fire you feel the need of.

“I call upon the East and
the Fire that lives in Air,
the starfire that shines beyond
the atmosphere that shelters us.
Join us in our ritual now;
hail and well met!”

I call upon the South and
the Fire that lives in Fire,
the quick tongue of the balefire
that cleanses with its blazing light.
Join us in our ritual now;
hail and well met!”

I call upon the West and
the Fire that lives in Water,
the bubbling cauldrons of hot springs
which boil away all contamination.
Join us in our ritual now;
hail and well met!”

“I call upon the West and
the Fire that lives in Earth,
the magma that builds the stone
which becomes walls to protect us.
Join us in our ritual now;
hail and well met!”


Image available as a print! via Goddessandgreenman

Birthday, Indie Bookstores, and a Money Workshop

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My anthem lately, from the Shook Twins’ Shake:

“What are you gonna say when they ask you why
You chose to live this way in your short short time?”

Short, short time is RIGHT! What we do with our time shows what our priorities really are. Ahem. March and April sped right by me, and the day and a half I spent editing my current book in Tillamook, OR seems a lifetime away. However, I did get a few lines of research going for Remnants 3 since then, including reading:

British Colonial Government after the American Revolution, 1782-1820

and Booze: A Distilled History

Flummoxed? Good! Keeps you guessing… 😉

All my spring doings have pushed me right up against a birthday. I’ll be celebrating this weekend by going on a comping trip, which I haven’t done since, oh, high school?!?! Looking forward to it, and 2000s Night at the Crystal, which is going to be my follow-up. (SO good, right??)

Then Taste Life Twice will be taking its show on the road again (not far), for the following events:

bookstoreday indie logo 2018 modified litsyIndependent Bookstore Day:

Saturday April 28th, 11-6 PM

This is the day to support your #local independent bookstore. Please know that these are mostly precarious operations hanging on by the skin of their teeth and the strength of their convictions.

Part of your community. Payers of local taxes. Donaters to local schools.

Please acknowledge that cheapest, fastest books aren’t always best for the world: support your local #indie shops.

In Portland, stop by where I work! Another Read Through (3932 N. Mississippi Ave), 11 AM -6 PM! There will be free swag, there will be refreshment–mental and culinary–and the community spirit that all indie bookstore owners are striving for will be there for all.

So come on down, buy a book and meet your neighbors.


I’m up next for Sunday Sessions:

Sunday May 6th, 3-4 PM

I’ll be back at Vintage Books (6613 Mill Plain Boulevard) in Vancouver, WA! I did a setting workshop for them last year which was really fun. This year I’m giving a workshop on Money & Writing: Supporting Your Dream & Making It Pay. I’ll talk about three different modalities of writing I’ve experienced, and touch on budgeting while writing (sounds kind of like Driving While Intoxicated, doesn’t it?).

I’d love to have you join me across the river for a strategy session!

Let’s see…Birthday, Bookstores, and Money… let me see if I can think of another way those three themes intertwine…LOL!