An author’s life often involves being torn in many directions:

  • too many story ideas at once
  • the day-job creep
  • the marketing of the books

But sometimes there is a magic moment of balance when all the different directions feel right.

Here are five shots from this author’s life that feel right just about now. Recognize any?

1. Reading anything, anytime, anywhere


You will note two stacks of books by each side of the bed, in addition to three open books in various positions. Morning, noon, or night can find me reading in this, the coziest nook in the house, whether research, health, history, or literature. Fair game.

2. Looking at the world differently


Yes, this is just an over-decorated streetlight base, but look at the colors! And yes, maybe others would notice, but appreciate it? As a rainbow of extraneous joy in an otherwise overcast day? Leave that to a writer (or other artist).

3. Valuing Old Things


Maybe this is particular to historical writers, but man, my knees get weak at something from my favorite era, and often others’ eras, too! Here is a library book I’m picking through for research for Remnants #2, and I’m having to be extra careful with it, as it’s from 1877. They really knew how to make beautiful things.

4. Treating Yo’self

paris pres de parc georges brassens bakery treat pear sponge max poilane selfie

It has oft been said that writing is a solitary profession, and I find this to be very true. More than any entrepreneur’s venture, your work depends on your brain, your willpower, your discipline, and your follow-through. Which means, you need to reward yourself as well. Here’s my reward in Paris: a pear sponge cake from Poilane near Parc Georges Brassens. Heaven.

5. Surrounding Yourself with Excellence


Like an ultra-marathoner whose body is whittled down to only the absolute essentials, a writer who takes care of herself will eventually realize she only has time for people who support her.

No toxics. No drama. No flakes. Some authors have a ‘street team‘ of fans, some have a critique group that goes on for decades, but I am working on my own pool of awesomeness: these lovely people! Captured at my recent potluck; theme: An Everlasting Meal.

So what do you think–do these 5 shots adequately convey an author’s life? If not, what’s missing? Share and comment!