National Author Day Eve: 5 Ways to Celebrate the Authors in your Life


  1. Buy an author’s work: BUY, meaning don’t steal, beg, or borrow, and WORK, meaning books, magazine articles, poetry, or journals that have published essays.
  2. Promote an author’s events: attend a reading, bring a friend, buy a book (don’t worry, i’ll only repeat this once), post the reading/signing/party/workshop on your social media–it helps visibility!social-promotion
  3. Spread the word! Talk up the author or book by reviewing the work. Use online sites like Goodreads or LibraryThing, or drop it into conversation at your book club/excuse for drinking wine. Ask your local library to get a copy for your community–it’s easy! Read the book in public–you know people are voyeurs.
  4. Give the author feedback! It makes the author feel seen, appreciated, and respected, while also giving her specific details on what she is doing right and what she may need to work more on. The specific part is key.obama-i-see-you
  5. And last on my personal wish list?? Give an author a hug. A sense of connection is important.dscf0039


Happy National Author’s Day!


Images via InnovationGames, Professional Social PromotionMemeMaker, & Heather’s toes 😉