Well, NaNos, we did it.

nanowrimo 2016 winner badge

We dared censure, derision, skepticism, and impossibility to come to this:

Thousands of words from our brain have been transmitted to paper, and a story has begun.

Maybe it has sketched out its full arc, and now it is time to give it a rest before revising.

Maybe it got into the meaty part of the conflict, and ran out of steam.

Maybe you picked and chose, and are now the proud possessor of a heap of vignettes, loosely tied together, but needing a quilter’s skill to stitch them together.

Any way you look at it, you’ve made a start, and I’m proud of you! Now, don’t waste that momentum–take the next step!

For me, that is finishing up the last two scenes for the story to sweep to its conclusion. (I learned from last year; I will not leave it in the drawer quite yet.) When that happens, probably tomorrow during a snowflake armageddon, I will then get to take my step back for objectivity.

THEN, I will be swooping down onto Book 2, whose progress was halted for NaNoWriMo, with my sharpened scythe. Because now that Book 3 has a shape, Book 2 has boundaries. Time to slice and dice.

Does writing a series work like this for anyone else? No? OK, then. I can only imagine the uproar if I decided to just publish Book 3 ahead of Book 2…but what is self-publishing for, if not causing a ruckus?

I ended November at 52, 389 words, a respectable slow-down distance after the finish line. I hope my posts helped motivate and encourage some of you writers out there to push through the fatigue and frustration. NOW. Let’s put 2016 out of its misery with a Christmas full of gratitude and joy!

charlie brown christmas singing ending


Images via NaNoWriMo and Timbuktu