WOW, I didn’t realize my last post was about Summer Solstice, and here’s Winter Solstice coming right up! (with Samhain this week!)

Things have been changing here at TLT, and I have been as busy as all get-out.

We’re steering into quieter times (right after those mid-terms, that is), and I am SOOOO ready for them.

As we lose the long light of summer, days will get darker, nights will get longer, but that makes it easier to see the lights we hold up, yes?

One of the biggest, most ambitious projects I’ve ever done will be one of those lights: Jolabokaflod PDX. (authors, illustrators, and book crafters are invited to apply until 11/15!)

It’s a book fair for local authors that I set out to organize because I was feeling all the opportunities in Portland get bigger and more unreachable, or get swept out of existence. ‘Why isn’t there something for the people going it on their own?’ I thought. ‘There should be.’

As most of you probably know, it is also NaNo season very soon, too. This is when a bunch of people go collectively delusional and have the fearlessness to write 50,000 words in a month and see where they get on that ‘I always wanted to write a novel’ goal. I’ve done it six times, and after getting back from my latest research trip, can’t wait to fire up the NaNo engines with my inspiration!

Yes, research trip! You heard that right. I am a Traveler. If you’d like to see some evidence of that, sign up for my newsletter, where you’ll also hear about book sales, events, and reflections on this writing life. I’m sending one out this week, so hop on!

There will be a lot of news on social media this season about the book fair, including giveaways and such, so follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you are part of those communities (see left)!

Here we go, Littens. Come on the dark journey with me.