a la recherche galley proof proust
The proofs of my new book are now in the hot little hands of my beta readers.
What comes next in the process is the actual cover being formatted, the formal reviews being requested, interviews and readings and pre-orders and giveaways to be setup, and then … waiting.
(I can’t wait for the waiting part, where I’ll get to do some other writing for a change!)
But for my lovely beta readers who are helping me out of the kindness of their heart, I have just thought of a reward system. A new style of accounting, if you will.
For every typo hunted down and retrieved, 2 servings of a home-baked dessert will be sent via mail. So, if 10 are found, 20 cookies. If 5 are found, 1 whole banana bread. Etc.
Isn’t this a delicious way to reward thoroughness and attention to detail?
I certainly think so.
baked with love stickers
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