What is consuming my life these days?

NaNoWriMo, that’s what.

And the Book Launch–there’s that, too.

tipperary janus two faced

My mind is split in half, you see.

In one half, my brain is busy subconsciously solving plot problems and digging into characters’ souls and backgrounds, desperately spinning forth a story for the MacLeans in 1835.

That’s for NaNo.

In the other half, I’m organizing what I can to let people know that I’m coming out with a new book Dec. 3rd, called The Keening. (Check out the Works Page)

This includes getting the preorder process perfected, scheduling the Goodreads Giveaway, writing and placing guest posts on other respected writers’ blogs, writing the newsletter with all this info (just sent out! missed it? sign up!), bugging book bloggers–as well as their aunts, great-aunts, and dogs–for reviews, getting timing down for final print version and shipping, promoting all these efforts over social media…

So. These two minds. I’m hoping they’ll fit back together, come Christmas.