In every happy, sane person’s life, there is a balance of the three C’s:

many hands busy business woman


I stumbled across this lesson a while ago, and recently have tried to connect one of my Consumptions with one of my Connections:

books piled on table

Reading + Discussing Books

There is the wave of book club activity that bears out the benefits of this combination, but I seem to have bad luck when it comes to choosing and/or organizing book clubs. One had a blowhard I couldn’t handle anymore, a second basically just gathered for the booze, and a third broke up from internecine strife.

So, how else to share the many wonderful moments of pithy social commentary, witty side-eye, and exultant emotion I plow through, week after week? #WednesdayQuote is my answer!

If you “like” Taste Life Twice Publishing (my publishing arm) on Facebook, you’ll see that I post a quote every Wednesday from what I’ve been reading. I only pick ones I think my audience would like, so they usually involve humor, pathos, and/or historical oddities, just like my Titbits posts here on this blog.

Like this one about weather and ships or this one about how furniture shapes us. Cool, huh?

…..ALSO THERE, you will find my word updates on my current Work-In-Progress, or WIP. This is how I’m combining two different C’s, Creation and Connection:

kids writers sharing writing

Writing + Showing Up for Others

Not only does sharing my daily goals make me feel proud of my own effort and discipline, but it gives other writers a peek into another writer’s life.

Just like when entrepreneurs draw back the curtain to show their behind-the-scenes revenue and costs, it can be a powerful source of validation, or normalization, to see someone else struggling, or not making millions, or merely showing up for their job with the same attitude you yourself have.

I did a guest post for Shanna where I explained more in-depth about my process and my results, but I’m keeping up the habit with the Facebook page, GSD accountability, and … here.

Here’s to sharing and being vulnerable, despite the risk! (Thank you to Brene Brown for all she’s done to broadcast this concept!) And here’s to creating, consuming, and connecting, which I hope you’ll do with me here as well!


Image via The Alternative Board, the Author, & Mallon Messages