Sometimes, we Authors & Artists can get discouraged.

  • No call-backs
  • Stuck in a rut
  • Feeling uninspired
  • Feeling unheard
  • Feeling depleted
  • Feeling snowed-under

snow walk pdx winter wonderland cherry blossom sun

Maybe we put a good front on it, with chirpy social media posts and devil-may-care tosses of the head, but inside we’re really howling with doubt and dismay about our life’s calling.

nw pdx walk spring moss architecture contrast

Perhaps you’ve been there.

Perhaps you’re there now. If you are, take heart!

And take a walk.

In Portland, it’s been a crazy few weeks of weather, but spring is butting its head through. I take my urban walks and delight in these little turnings of the tide.

snow pdx nature walk purple snowdrop closed

Not that I hate winter. It has its role to play. (kill off those nasty bugs!) But the transition from winter to spring is a good time to take stock. Instead of seeing the failures, we’d be happier with ourselves if we also noticed the growth, the color, the character.

snow walk pdx winter wonderland condo driveway print foot

When we have this bigger picture in mind, it’s easier to see:

  • the new good habits we’ve adopted
  • the harmful things we’ve let go
  • the personal relationships we’ve nurtured
  • the art we’ve created
  • the effort we’ve put into making our dreams a reality

And with all that filling up our hearts, we can smile and allow the transition to roll off us. Onward!

selfie feet marguerite ave se pdx sidewalk


Find your voice and continue to use it, Artists!


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